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    MASSAGE Darlington


    Type of Massage:


    Relaxing Full Body Massage

    Traditional Chinese Massage

    Deep Tissue Massage

    Foot Massage

    Shoulder and Neck Massage




    30 Minutes: 30

    60 Minutes: £45

    90 minutes: £70

    2 Hours: £80

    4 Hands 30m/60m - £45/£80

    Offering fantastic authentic Chinese full body massage right here in Darlington, Stockton on Tees,  Open 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm.

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Get rid of headache by 30 minutes of head massage will do you heavenly good



£30 /30 mins


























Chest Massage


Chest and Stomach massage will release tension or uncomfortable pain



£30 /30 mins


























Oriental Massage


Offering authentic Chinese massage in Darlington.

















Thai Massage


Traditional Thai Massage for you
















Relaxing Body Massage


Regular body massage will enhance healthy life style



£45 /60 mins


























Shoulder Massage


Shoulder and Neck massage for office workers.



£45 /60 mins














Clean Environment


Recently gone through complete refurbishment of the shop



£30 /30 mins





























Calm and relaxing atmosphere!



£30 /30 mins


























Authentic  Oriental Massage


Come and enjoy what East have to offer


















Friendly Staffs


Friendly staffs and comfortable therapy rooms
















Back Massage


Suffering from Bad Back?




£45 /60 mins



























Full Body Massage


90 minutes of pure relaxing full body massage for you.



£70 /90 mins


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